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Dr. Sapna Gehlot

About About myself ..Dr.Sapna Gehlot The woods are lovely dark and deep , But I have promise to keep, And miles to go before I sleep And miles to go before I sleep -Robert Frost This poem impresses me and in the same way , I feel myself that no matter difficult it may be but I should not give up I have to all the work till the end as a ‘ Karmyogi’ I ‘ve to stay strong. At present I am working as a Professor in JVWU, when it comes to my academic credential it is upto the mark , when it turns the pages of memory I see how a naughty girl ‘sapno ki duniya mein rehne wali ‘ a girl turn into as sincere ,strong female , who has a passion for her aim , It is not so easy to tell for myself, especially for personal qualities or traits , one thing which is very paradoxical in my nature is this I am very straightforward person beacause I’ve faced many problems , being straightforward person I can’t manipulate the things. My habit is to learn new things , it makes me updated and knowledgeable . Though I am not so polite but this is true I am honest and faithful towards myself, my profession and my relations. I am always learning may be this the reason that I am very fond of reading and this hobby is growing day by day. I am also very fond of traveling and this gives me many experiences of life. Social Service is a passion for me, I do my best to help others. When it come to my academic Teaching I want that my students should get conceptual clarity in their academic subjects . I want that my students should work hard to achieve their aim in life thats why I do my best for their future development . I am very caring about my near and dear ones, relations are important for me. Being a straightforward and honest , I can’t tolerate the injustice . I am not so much emotional but somehow. I am not so social Quite individualist , I don’t like nonsense talks & things, I am always busy in learning new things , I admire ‘Nature’ , it gives me a peace. So in nutshell I can say that I am a straightforward , hardworking , honest and individualist , who has a aim in life to get something so that my family & Society will proud of me.




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