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Ms. Muskan Kumari

About I am Muskan Kumari. I have completed my Master of Technology from GEU with CSE Department and also done Bachelor of Degree from Rajasthan Technical university. My expertise area is "Testing in Software Engineering, AI, ML, Cloud Computing. Now i am working on advanced technology like Block-Chain. My parents gave me this name and hoped that I could be good friendly with patience and always in good manners. I was born in a sweet and great well mannered family. English is like my mother language mainly because my parents do work with doctors and it requires them to use English frequently. I am very close to my parents and my older sisters. I share my concern with them and do girl talks very often just like best friends do. Family to me is a safe place where I grow and learn. I grew up as an independent and mature kid; I seldom do compromise when it comes to my ideal targets. I became more interested in reading English books; I am most interested in reading the English Writing Book. I consider myself a lucky student; after becoming the Monitor of class deemed due to the English proficiency and as a sincere student. I was very interested to go outside the India. For that continuous hard work is required. Even though I only had little amount of time to prepare. I believe I have become a person who is more independent and mature. I can now face my own flaws and make amends of my mistakes. Besides facing my own flaws, I am willing to face all kinds of challenges in my life. Now-a-days, these all qualities become beneficial for me in teaching. At last, I feel that i am the best.




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