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Dr Prachi Agarwal

About My name is Dr Prachi Agarwal and I am filling the nomination for Best Teacher/Researcher/Professor of the year category. I am a self motivated individual who is very Resilient in nature. In this constant changing world which ensures that what was in today, is outdated tomorrow, I believe in the concept of UNLEARNING/LEARN/RELEARN. With over 12 years of experience in Industry and Academia, I am a NPTEL Resource person in their Quality Department. I am also an APPROVED HARVARD EDUCATOR. I have done various project transitions from UK during my tenure in Industry. I have also upskilled students in spoken English. Also, I done lot of guest lectures for a EdTech company called Seekho. I am also leading a TEAM of 15 sales consultants presently to drive the Marketing campaign for my company. Having taught subjects like OB, Marketing, Sales, Industrial Psychology, I am able to understand the intentions behind the persons words which in turn helps me to take better business decisions and hire better TEAM.




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