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Mrs Niti Singhal

About I am a Libra born female ruled by the planet Venus and proud to be called as JV’n Niti Singhal, always try to balance my personal and professional life which is what my Sun sign says. Working passionately with true honesty is my motto. I am a M Sc Gold Medallist and M Tech Silver Medallist Engineer. My present job profile is very versatile though it seems to be confined to Examination related work. Time management and meeting deadlines is everyday challenge. In words of my boss” I am a last minute saver”. I am a person confident of my abilities to produce while preparing self for the worst. I am an innovator and very passionate at my work, leave no stone unturned to achieve my goal , once set, if any. Did one of my highest Masters degree after a study gap of seven years which shows my dedication towards my professional life. Expectation to be recognized and rewarded for my performance motivates me. I work for a successful University that has strong leadership which gives me job satisfaction. My personality is to control a situation rather than have a situation control me. I believe in continuous learning and improving skills which open doors in stepping ahead the workplace ethics. I am an introvert person and cannot share my emotions as it takes me time to trust people. As the present job profile needs confidentiality, I am best at, helps me in meeting the everyday challenges. Presently I am pursuing higher studies as a constant learner and innovator. How to generate revenue with the boundaries of work profile stands me as an innovator. Jai Nari Shakti Jai Mata Ji




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