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About Dr. Y. Chandrakala, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Science and Technology, Faculty of Education and Methodology, at Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur. She has completed her B.Sc.B.Ed from R.I.E, BBSR, M.Sc in Botany (Spl -Environmental Biotechnology) and M.Phil in Botany (Spl- Environmental Physiology) from Utkal University, Ph.D. in Botany (Spl-Chl a fluorescence and ecotoxicology) from Department of Botany, Ravenshaw University. She has also worked in UGC Major Project as JRF (2 years) and SRF (8 months). She has about four years of experience in academics and research. Her teaching expertise lies in biotic and abiotic stress effects on photosynthetic pigments and photosystems, In addition to botany ,she also teaches UCC, Evs&Dm and Pedagogy of teaching subjects. Her research fields primarily cover the chlorophyll fluorescence behavior under biotic and abiotic stress conditions and analysis of the mechanism of stress effects. She has expertise in determining plant health and growth potential by fluorescence analysis. She has authored various publications in journals of international and national repute and also developed educational learning material in JVWU you tube channel for students. She has authored 2 text books. She is the recipient of Prof. B.K.Nanda Memorial Award for her research work by Orissa Botanical Society, 2016 and National Eminent Young Scientist Award 2020 by I2OR. Certificate of Appreciation for Mighty Millets Quiz by My Gov.,Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer welfare Govt. of India.2022. and also Participated in the record event “non stop broadcasting on various programmes to celebrate world radio day was set up by JVWU, Jaipur, through 90.4 FM, 13th to 18th 2023 India Book of Records.




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