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Dr. Kalyani Pradhan

About I make learning a more interactive experience for my students. The idea is to encourage students participation in classroom discussions and let them make regular presentations based on assignments, which boosts their conceptual clarity, confidence, and communication skills. Create opportunities for students to undertake field-visit projects and activities to undertake report writing based on applying the concept and techniques learned, which allow them to work as a team for achieving a common goal. In addition to offline interaction, students are encouraged to join discussions online and use ICT-based tools for presentation and teaching purposes. Students feedbacks on topics, teaching, and related activities are important. In addition to teaching English as required by the Institution, my priority would be to enhance the student choices in terms of the introduction of new interdisciplinary optional courses. Adopt the field-visit/practical experience-based learning for students so that their theoretical knowledge is complemented with application. I will continue to motivate and guide young students into research activities involving regionally and socially relevant issues. My research focus will be on all barriers that students face during English language learning.




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