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Dr Ravi Jain

About I Dr Ravi Jain working on the Post of Associate Professor & HOD in Department of Practice of Medicine at Faculty of Homooepathic Scinece at Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University since last 5 Years. I am teaching BHMS students of III Year & 4th Year respectively and also taking care of the BHMS interns. In my tenure 3 Batches have completed their graduation and 1 batch is going to complete in Aug 2023. I am hard working person, Sincere towards the duties assigned to me. I like to work in team and doing everything for the betterment of my students and ultimately the Institution. I am also research oriented person. Currently I am Persuing PhD from Homoeopathy University Jaipur and doing the research work at Suryansh Arogyashala Homoeopathic Hospital and research centre. Till date I have various publications under my pen which includes 5 Books published under Jayoti Press, 7 Patents, 7 Papers Under UGC care and 3 Papers under SCOPUS Quality publications, and lot more are under process. I am also paper setter at various Govt & Private Universities and I have also done various consultancies and corporate trainings. I have also received various Awards from different Organizations for my hard work.I am constantly on the move trying to do everything which I can do for my students. I try to encourage the students to be a better person and a good physician. In the End I would like to say I am walking on the path shown by our Hon’ble Founder and Advisor sir. To do my work with utmost dedication, selflessly for the betterment of the society and trying to fulfill the mission of the Institution Education for Community Development leading to Women Empowerment. Jai Hind Jai Nari Shakti.




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