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Akanksha Jayant Ahirrao

About I have Actively Participate in All Academic as well as Co-curricular Activities of My University. I Cooperate with Management, All Staff & Students to My Fullest. Im a Motivational Speaker, Tour Planner & Operator, Travel Blogger, A WildLife Conservator, Trekker, NATUROPATH & YOGA Instructor. Im a Lover of Music & Dance. Im Present Working District Co-ordinator of INNER WHEEL CLUB OF DEVLA, NASHIK, MAHARASHTRA. Ive Conducted Numerous Activities for Women & Child Development with My Team. Here at My University, Ive Already Served as JSR & Earlier as SJS of Jayoti Sangh which proved my Caliber. I Cooperate with Every Student (JVn) of My University to my Fullest. Ive Cleared my Previous Exams with Good Marks. I have Represented Myself in Various Debates & Competitions which is a Proud Feeling for Me & My University. I’m a Person who always likes to Give Helping Hand to anyone in need. I like to Treat Everyone or Behave with Everyone like a Human being so that I do not Hurt anyones feelings. I like to Build Good Relations with All, Work Genuinely & Keep Motivating my fellow Colleagues. My Dream & Goal is to Serve the Mankind & My Nation with Full Devotion & Dedication. I want to prove Myself by making My Family feel Proud of Me.




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